Ebook-Building GraphQL API Services with ASP.NET Core

This book discusses the development of API Services using GraphQL on top of the ASP.NET Core framework. GraphQL is a language for querying or manipulating resources or data against data sources such as databases. In addition, graphql also provides a runtime for processing queries and other graphql objects. The language and runtime were originally built by Facebook in 2012 to be used internally. In 2015 graphql began to be published in open source to the public. GraphQL provides another alternative for developing api services besides those based on REST. Several leading companies including Facebook itself already use graphql such as github, pinterest, airbnb, paypal, twitter, and others.
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Ebook Building REST API Services using Deno and PostgreSQL

Deno rest api services postgresqlThis book learns about developing web services based on REST architecture using Deno. Deno is the latest server runtime environment for typescript and javascript in addition to node.js which is well known to date. Yes, deno was created by Ryan Dahl who created node.js itself, will deno be the next node.js successor? Of course there are reasons behind developing a new runtime for executing typescript and javascript.
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